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Current Undertaking

I am currently studying an MSc in Information Technology at Derby University which is proving both challenging and enjoyable and I will complete the course in October 2013. I have included an outline of the course and what the MSc includes as taken from the university website below:-

Information technology is at the heart of modern day business enterprises. Emerging technologies and developments with smartphones, personal navigation systems and widespread access to broadband internet, are making demands for IT professionals who can recognise opportunities to utilise IT in new ways to create business advantage.

The MSc Information Technology prepares you to tackle work-based challenges and use IT practically and intelligently. Our modern facilities create a great environment to learn and experiment, and you will be guided by our expert staff to find solutions to existing and emerging issues in the industry.

We use our links with local, national and multi-national organisations to shape the programme of learning to suit what they will demand from you as an employee. You will also be encouraged to tailor the programme to fit you - there may be a specific expertise that you want to develop.

You will encounter a wide range of topics including:

Towards the end of the programme you will develop a substantive project to demonstrate your advanced professional status. You will be supported with a personal supervisor, who will help you manage your project to successful completion. This project may be work-based if you are a part time student, or you may choose to exploit this opportunity to enhance and develop your career prospects.

Web Address of the full details of the MSc in Information Technology at Derby University

MSc in Information Technology at Derby University